Company Director:


Katherine Ostler- Company owner. I have loved dance and performing since I could walk. I attended Bodywork Dance Studios from the age of 2 and was awarded a DADA at the age of 16 to attend their full time 3 year Performing Arts course. Since graduating I have taught dance, singing and acting in schools, Universities, and dance schools for all ages. I have a huge passion for entertaining, so being able to provide this through my company is a dream come true.

Rebecca Ostler-Performing Arts Teacher. I have been dancing since I was 2 and trained full time from 16-21 in dance, singing and acting at Bodywork Cambridge, where I received a DADA scholarship. Since Graduating in 2018 I have been working abroad and, in the UK, as professional musical theatre performer. Between jobs I have been working with Katherine and I love teaching the children my passion